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Sara • April 13, 2018 • 0 Comments

Hello Sophia fans! On April 11, our girl attended the PTTOW! Summit: Metamorphosis in Ojai, California. PTTOW! is an invite-only community and summit for today’s most creative and inspiring CEOs, CMOs and Icons, spanning 70 major industries. Founded by Roman Tsunder and Terry Hardy in 2009, PTTOW! has been described as the “TED event of the marketing world”. Sophia was photographed hanging out and about around at the Summit, before holding a speech later during the day. She looked incredible as always! Find photos in our gallery.

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Hello Sophia fans! On Friday (April 6th), Sophia went to support and celebrate the political commentator Sally Kohn’s “Opposite of Hate” Launch presented by Tinder. The event was held at the Guggenheim Museum, and it looks like she was having a lot of fun judging by these photos! Sophia looked great in a red, white, and blue striped suit with black platform shoes, and she was joined by stylist Stacy London. Our gallery has been updated with 40+ gorgeous high quality photos, and I will have some additional photos up later tonight.

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Hello Sophia fans, and happy Easter Sunday to those of you who celebrate! On March 28, Sophia attended the Terra Grand Opening at Eataly Los Angeles. She looked amazing as always in a sporty outfit, and posed with the Eataly CEO Nicola Farinetti and fellow actress Kate Bosworth! I have updated our gallery with some high quality photos from the opening, check them out below.

Sara • January 22, 2018 • 0 Comments

Following her appearance at the Women’s March in Los Angeles (scroll down for more information), Sophia was one of many celebrity guests at the annual Entertainment Weekly party ahead of the Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 20. The actual award ceremony was held last night, but Sophia was unfortunately not in attendance. She wore a beautiful green and black dress to the pre-party, and you can now find high quality photos in our gallery!

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Hello Sophia fans! On January 20, Sophia attended the 2018 Women’s March in Los Angeles. On the anniversary of the 2017 Women’s March, a reprise protest march with coordinated mass rallies was held in several cities, attracting hundreds of thousands of participants, in hundreds of cities, towns and suburbs in the United States, with sister rallies in Canada, the UK, Japan, Italy and other countries. Some of the largest rallies in the United States were held in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Dallas, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, and Atlanta. Our girl participated in the Los Angeles one, and spoke on stage during the march!

Our gallery has been updated with high quality photos of Sophia on stage, and below the cut you can find two videos from the day. One of Sophia’s speech, and one where she speaks with Glitter TV about the event!

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Hello Sophia fans! This weekend, Sophia attended the Ajyal Youth Film Festival in Doha! She shared the news with us through this post on her instagram, where she wrote: “it was a joy to speak to young filmmakers, who joined us from 30 countries, about media and using your voice @ajyalfilm #YourVoiceMatters”. For those interested in learning more about the festival, I’ve included a promotional video from their official site at the bottom of this post.

I have updated our gallery with 17 beautiful high quality photos of Sophia at the event from Saturday (more will be up tomorrow!), where she participated as a part of their “Meet the talent” section. It seems there’s only available high quality photos from this day, but I’ve also added some smaller images from a discussion Sophia participated in on December 1st. Below you can find an article about the discussion – it’s a great read!

The first session of Ajyal Talks, the insightful discussions held as part of Ajyal Youth Film Festival, presented by the Doha Film Institute, put the spotlight on how media is shaping public perception, especially in today’s era of fake news and false propaganda. With films being screened at Ajyal discussing the issue of divisiveness, the discussion was a timely reminder to the audience that truth often lies beyond the obvious.

Ahmad Shihab-Eldin, Emmy-nominated journalist and presenter; actress Sophia Bush, known for her focus on environmental and health-related issues; Dana Mado, public relations and strategic planner; and Ali Bin Towar, explorer and television presenter, took part in the discussion. Swapping insights gathered in the course of their careers, the panel focussed on how the public can reshape wrong perceptions, stressing the importance of learning to differentiate between opinion and fact through research and fact-checking. This complements a study by the Qatar Foundation that 79% of social media users only occasionally or rarely resort to fact-checking, while a study by Forbes Magazine noted that 59% of social media users share news based merely upon reading the headline.

Shihab-Eldin, who co-created and hosted Al Jazeera English’s interactive talk show, The Stream, and who is a senior correspondent on AJ+, said media has become decentralised with the advent of smartphones. He illustrated a report from Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which he said was filmed and edited entirely on a smartphone. “Social media has changed the way we communicate; reality has become a context that we create but too often, people are searching for information that confirms what they already think,” he said. He added that with the ‘socialising’ of media, the young generation has more power to influence opinion than he did, when he was their age. “We need to focus on how we tell our stories, our community’s stories, at a time when we are distracted by division and overwhelmed by information.”

Mado talked about the pressure the rapid nature of social media places on people to form an opinion. “We feel obliged to react as quickly as possible, so sometimes we form hasty opinions and respond without thinking of the aftermath. The perceptions we rely on to make that opinion may look, feel and sound real but we need to look deeper, to be sure where that information is coming from.”

Bush, who rose to fame with the long-running US TV show, One Tree Hill, emphasised the responsibility of using social media with integrity. “We have to be sure that what we say and share comes from a place of compassion, we have to check our facts,” she said, adding that social media has the power to bring the world together. “The other side of living in such a connected world is that we can use our connections to build bridges, literal and metaphorical. We each have to ask ourselves how we can use social media to put more love and truth into the world.”

Bin Towar, whose work and personal interests have taken him to 52 countries and led to a book and a television series about the different cultures he experienced, focussed on the beauty of social media and its ability to unite. “People followed me on my journeys and I found they were really curious to hear my thoughts and impressions of everything I experienced,” he said. He congratulated Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the way they are handling the current blockade crisis. “We have seen ‘wars’ start on social media, on Twitter, Instagram. The Qatari government is working 24-hours a day to make sure we can continue to create and innovate, to reach our goals without getting distracted.” His comments were received with a round of applause.

The panel discussion was followed by an interactive Q&A session with the Ajyal Jurors. More Ajyal Talks will be held at 6pm at Katara Drama Theatre today and tomorrow Dec. 2. The 5th Ajyal Youth Film Festival runs until Dec. 4. Tickets are priced QR25 for general screening, and can be purchased 24 hours a day at ajyalfilm.com or from the Ajyal Katara Main Box Office in Katara Building 12 or Ajyal FNAC Ticket Outlet, FNAC Qatar at Doha Festival City.

Katara Cultural Village as its Cultural Partner of the Ajyal Youth Film Festival; Qatar Tourism Authority is the Strategic Partner, and Occidental Petroleum Corporation and Ooredoo are the Principal Partners.

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Hello Sophia fans! Even though the public appearances section of the gallery is pretty complete, we’re still missing quite a few events (Sophia has attended a lot of them through the years!). Over the next weeks, I will regularly add new additions whenever there’s a lack of new photos and news. Up first is 5 missing 2014 events, some of which were requested by our twitter followers. I especially love the “Extra” photos – but Sophia looks stunning in all the sets!

If you have a wish for a particular event you’d like us to add high quality photos from, don’t hesitate to tweet us or comment to one of our posts! I hope you’ll enjoy the new additions. Previews and links below –

Gallery Album Links:

Sara • November 28, 2017 • 1 Comment

Hello friends! Earlier today (November 28), Sophia attended an event with PayPal to spread the word about “Giving Tuesday”. E News! put together a great article about the event and Sophia which you can read below, where they also put some spotlight on the many philanthropic organizations she has supported over the years. Watching her promote such important causes increase my admiration for her every time – she really is the perfect role model! I have added the first high quality photos to our gallery.

E News! | Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, it’s time for Giving Tuesday. Sophia Bush teamed up with PayPal to spread the word about the charitable movement, now in its sixth year. Through Dec. 31, the company will add 1 percent to all donations made through the PayPal Giving Fund; last year, its users donated more than $48 million globally. “When you’re thinking about what 1 percent can do,” Bush said, “it does a lot!”

Bush has supported a number of philanthropic organizations over the years, including charity: water, The Girl Project, The Nature Conservancy and Pencils of Promise. After a weekend of spending, she said it’s time to “re-frame” how we contribute to society. “I was watching the news Saturday morning and they were saying retailers did $5 billion in revenue on Black Friday. I caught myself almost gasping, and I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be incredible if a percentage of that was going to charity? To kids in schools who don’t have textbooks, or not enough to eat? Or services that are protecting the most vulnerable people in our society?'” she asked E! News. “Understanding the way finances move around at this time of year, I think that’s why I’m so excited about Giving Tuesday. It’s really nice to give everybody a good reminder that we can give back and take care of each other.”

Admittedly, the 35-year-old former Chicago P.D. star is “deeply passionate” about causes like education access and environmental rights. “Take charity: water, for example. In a place where water access can be difficult, it’s the girls who get pulled out of school to go and collect water,” Bush said. “I love finding organizations that fall into those categories, that are doing great work. The Nature Conservancy has just been doing everything right—forever—where the environment is concerned, and all my work with Pencils of Promise led me to working with The Girl Project. Cindi Leive established that at Glamour, and what excites me is that the program works in 96 countries simultaneously. It addresses case-by-case, in-country needs to make sure girls have education access.”

Bush often promotes causes that are near and dear to her heart on social media, and she encourages others to do the same on Giving Tuesday. “Any time you can tell a story about an experience you had, or a reason something is meaningful to you, or a person you know who was supported by an organization that you’ve worked with, you really can put a face to things. And that’s how we’re all affected, you know?” the former One Tree Hill star said. “We care deeply about each other—and it’s harder, I think, if it’s just about numbers.”
Like many people at this time of year, Bush is counting her blessings and taking stock of her life. “I’m always, first and foremost, grateful for my friends. Truly. Friends and family make everything worth it,” she said. “And then, I think in sort of larger world issues, I’m really grateful conversations are being had that needed to be had for decades, about how we treat people and women in the world. I’m incredibly grateful for all of the change makers who are out there dedicating their time and their energy to making the world a better place and a safer place.”

And as she embarks on a “newer and deeper” career path, she laughed, “I’m grateful that I’m home for the first time in 15 years!” But, in all sincerity, Bush told E! News, “I’m starting to go through outlines and scripts and figure out what the next project is. It’s really thrilling, after all these years of starring on a show, to know I’m going to be more in the driver’s seat. I am really excited about it.”

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Hope you’re up for another update, Sophia fans! Our girl sure is busy these days. She stepped out for the third day in row last night, as she attended the premiere of “Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story”. Sporting a very casual outfit, Sophia looked really beautiful at the red carpet. Our gallery has been updated with the first photos from the event!

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On November 3rd, Eataly opened their Los Angeles store! They held a big celebration party at their Westfield Century City shopping complex location, and Sophia was one of the guests in attendance. She looked beautiful! Our gallery has been updated with HQ photos, and you can find previews and the gallery link below.