elcome to Dear Sophia, an exclusive and in-depth fansite dedicated the talented actress Sophia Bush. Through her career, Sophia has captured film and television audiences alike, with her strong performances and diverse characters. She’s probably most known for her roles as Brooke Davies in the long running television series “One Tree Hill”, as Beth in the iconic “John Tucker Must Die” and as Erin Lindsay on “Chicago P.D.”.

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Sara • February 07, 2018 • 0 Comments

Hello Sophia fans! You’ve probably already noticed Dear Sophia looks very different – and I’m so excited to share our brand new layouts with you! My very talented friend Nicole agreed to design us a new main site and gallery theme, and I am absolutely in love with what she created for us. It’s very different from our previous design, and I hope you’ll enjoy it! I’m still tweaking the pages and sidebar, but everything should be fully working by tomorrow. I’d love to hear your opinions on our new look! Feel free to comment here or message us at twitter.

Over the last few weeks, I have added thousand of new photos to our gallery. I’ll make posts here at the main site with all the updates as soon as I finish adding all the missing photos (Public events, One Tree Hill and Chicago P.D screen captures)! But for now, make sure to head over to our gallery and check out all the new additions – especially the television category and the 2006 appearances category have a lot of updates. Stay tuned for many big gallery and content updates coming up, and I hope you’ll enjoy browsing the new designs!

Sara • October 19, 2017 • 1 Comment

Hello all, and welcome to the grand opening of Dear Sophia! After months of hard work, I’m so excited and proud to share my work with fellow Sophia fans from all around the world. This site has truly been a labor of love, and I hope it’ll show! I know there’s already a good amount of Sophia resources online, but my hope with this site is to give fans an unique resource with in-depth information, lots of pages, and a high quality gallery. Our gallery is already an extensive archive, with 20 000+ event photos, 1000+ photoshoots, photos from 99% of Sophia’s films, promotional images and stills from all her Chicago P.D and One Tree Hill seasons, and a large collection of magazine scans. But there’s still much more to come! I’ll continue to expand our event section, and we’ll soon have screen captures from the missing television episodes. As for content, you can find an exclusive biography, lots of trivia, quotes and other fun facts at our information page, in-depth information on all of Sophia’s projects in the career section and different kinds of media at our multimedia page! You can also take a sneak peak at what’s to come at our “press” and “extras” pages, which will be up and running soon. I really hope you’ll enjoy all the content that is already up and public, and make sure to stay tuned for a lot more to come. There’s so much more I have planned for the site, and I can’t wait to show you!

This site would never have been able to launch if it weren’t for great help and support from my friends – and I have a long list of people I need to thank for helping me make “Dear Sophia”. First of all, huge thanks to my friends Kimmers and Bri, for allowing me to use photos from their old Sophia sites. I also want to say a big thank you to Ashley, Luciana and Elise, for helping me out with episode clips, screen captures and constant support! As well as big thanks to Stef, Kaci, Gabby, Neide, Jenna, and Bubbles for help with photos (and encouragement), and Nicole for graphic and coding inspiration. I truly appreciate all the help and support.

I hope you’ll enjoy looking around, and feel free to comment with your thoughts, suggestions or potential problems. If you like what you see, make sure to follow us on twitter so you’ll receive all our latest updates on your timeline!