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John Tucker Must Die
Character: Beth
Directed by: Betty Thomas
Written by: Jeff Lowell
Produced by: Bob Cooper, Michael Birnbaum
Other cast: Jesse Metcalfe, Arielle Kebbel, Brittany Snow, Ashanti, Penn Badgley, Jenny McCarthy
Release date: 28 July 2006 (USA)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Running time: 1h 29min

Kate is the new girl in school. She catches John Tucker dating three different girls at once: Carrie - the smart girl, Heather - the cheerleader, and Beth - the activist slut; none of them are aware that they are not the only girl in John's heart. Kate, having been raised by a single mother, has seen the pain caused by playboys like John Tucker, and she won't stand idly by. Together with the three jilted ex-girlfriends, they hatch a plan to teach John a lesson.

Full Plot
The movie begins with Kate (Brittany Snow) discussing her mother Lori’s (Jenny McCarthy) series of bad relationships which always causes them to move to a new town. She and her mother move to a suburb of Portland, Oregon and Kate gets a job as a waitress. While at work, she sees popular local boy John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe) on dates with three different girls: Carrie (Arielle Kebbel), a chronic overachiever; Heather (Ashanti), who is head cheerleader; and Beth (Sophia Bush) a promiscuous and liberal vegan activist. Kate learns from a co-worker that he dates girls from different cliques at his school so that they never interact and convinces the girls he dates to keep their relationships secret.

One day in gym class, Kate, Carrie, Heather and Beth end up on the same team for a volleyball game. During the game, Carrie brags about being with John Tucker, and the girls learn about his scheme. Carrie, Heather and Beth begin fighting. Kate tries to intervene, only to get all four of them sent to detention for the fight. Later that evening, the girls enlist Kate’s help in seeking revenge against John Tucker. Meanwhile, Kate becomes friends with John’s brother Scott (Penn Badgley), better known as “The Other Tucker”. The girls’ initial attempts to undo John (making people believe he has genital herpes and with Heather undermining his confidence by pranking him with estrogen, causing him to become weak and say strange things about himself) initially work in humiliating John, but eventually backfire as John manages to use them to his advantage. After he breaks up with all three girls, they agree that breaking his heart is the ideal revenge. They then enlist Kate to be the heartbreaker.

Kate joins the cheerleading team in order to get John’s attention, and the girls give her advice on how to act around John and spy on the dates using surveillance equipment. Kate also gets a make over and John immediately notices Kate and tries to win her attention, but Kate dismisses him. With his ego insulted that there is a girl he cannot charm, John becomes determined to get her.

Kate and John eventually go on a series of dates, the first of which is a bonfire at the beach. Kate is unprepared after John asks to take her home and Beth intervenes to teach her how to kiss. However, John arrives, forcing Beth to hide in the back of his Land Rover.
At her house, Kate manages to buy Beth time to escape by kissing John, with Beth’s skirt being ruined in the process after getting it caught in the car’s door. The plan seems to be working as John relentlessly chases after Kate, even going to her house in the middle of the night while talking to her on the phone at the same time. (Kate tells him that she needs to call the police because there is a stalker outside the house, and John drives away in panic, hitting a trash can.)

The next date is a romantic boat ride, and Kate and John have a good time together. Beth later notices that Kate is starting to fall for John. To counteract this, Carrie tapes John bragging to his friends in the locker room, saying he’ll be scoring “more than baskets” at the away game, and shows the tape to Kate in order to get her to snap out of it.

The girls try another plan to embarrass John Tucker at a hotel on the night of the away game. Kate seduces John on a video-chat and tells him to put on a woman’s thong and climb out of his room and into hers. He is misled and climbs into a teacher’s room and ultimately becomes the laughingstock of the school. John again uses this to his advantage, starting a fashion trend that helps the boys in the basketball team play better. Meanwhile, Kate’s mother and Scott both discover the plan and lament the change in Kate’s behavior.

Afterward, Kate tells John that she heard about what he said in the locker room about her. John makes amends by giving her his watch and asking her to be his girlfriend. Kate tells Heather, Carrie and Beth that she wants to be out of the plan, as whether they are dating or plotting to destroy John Tucker, it is still all about him. At John’s birthday party, the tape the girls made of John’s destruction is played, and Kate reveals the entire plot as John stares in disbelief, seemingly hurt.

Heather, Beth, and Carrie defend her after a guest throws his drink at Kate. Still, John Tucker becomes unfazed, and the party devolves into a cake fight. A few days later, John and Kate agree to be friends, and John resolves to be honest. Scott, happy that Kate confessed, becomes her lab partner again, and it is hinted the two will begin dating. Kate is now good friends with Beth, Carrie, and Heather. Kate finishes saying, “as for the girl who made John Tucker fall in love, well, she’s a legend”. After the credits, Kate warns viewers at home wanting to try this that destroying a man has consequences, and the camera pans to several male teachers bending over to grab some papers, all wearing thongs. (Wikipedia)

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Sophia’s role

Beth McIntyre is a promiscous vegan activist. With the help of the new, innocent girl at school Kate, she teams up with Carrie and Heather to take down their ex boyfriend John Tucker who dated all three of them at once. The girls eventually form a strong bond, and become close friends. At the 10 year anniversary of the film in 2006, Sophia spoke fondly to InStyle about the project, saying the girls become equally close friends off the screen:

“That whole shoot was really just the best. We had such an incredible time together, and there was not a single night that we weren’t doubled over laughing. Everybody was going through a lot when we were shooting that movie. We’d have sleepovers, and we could cry on each other’s shoulders, and we could go out dancing, and we could just laugh hysterically when someone made some brilliant comedic choice on camera. It was a really incredible experience—hands down one of my favorites when I look back at all the things I’ve worked on over the years.”


Lori: [walks in] What are you girls doing?
Carrie: Destroying a man.
Lori: Who Do I Make My Check Out to?
[Kate’s mom walks out] Beth: Your mom is SO HOT!

Heather: So I talked to John. He was sweet. He felt bad for you. He said that you were jealous because we share something special. Something that we don’t have to label because…
Beth: [interrupting] Because it’s our unspoken bond and I just love how secure you are?
Carrie: And it hurts me to question it, because…
Heather, Beth, Carrie: [at the same time] … YOU’RE THE ONLY GIRL FOR ME?
Heather: Damn! He said the same thing to all of us!
Beth: Figures. He makes up with us and he hooks up with us…
Carrie: [interrupts, whispers] You guys hooked up?
Beth: John and I share something special.
Carrie: Oh what, that they been both in your pants?
Beth: We share a vegan/nonviolent outlook on life.
Heather: [under her breath, coughs] Hippie slut.
Beth: [sarcastic] Oh nice, Heather. It’s not like everyone doesn’t know that little Miss Cheerleader brings it on.
Carrie: What, you too?
Heather: John and I belong together. He is the team captain and I am the head cheerleader.
Beth: Oh, I’m sorry, what kind of cheerleader?
Carrie: Oh, like he’d take either of you two seriously?
Beth: Do not lump me with her!
Heather: Oh so what, you’re now better than me?
Kate: Shut up.
Heather, Beth: [peeved] What?
Kate: Sorry.
Heather: You got something to say?
Kate: No, it’s none of my business.
[pause] Kate: Okay, let me guess. Does he always use pet names like “Baby” and “Sweetheart?” Yeah, it’s not out of affection, it’s so he won’t mix up your names. And he’s all about an unspoken bond or something special, but never about a relationship. And the whole arrangement was your idea, so you feel guilty that he cheated.
Heather: Oh my God, you’re dating John too?
Kate: No, I knew a guy like him… Skip.

Beth: It’s not even my date and he still gets me out of my skirt!

Carrie: She’s right. I mean he always making me feel guilty.
Kate: It seems to me that if a guy treats you like that…
Heather: [interrupts] You’d break up with him, blah, blah, blah…
Beth: Even John would have another girlfriend in a second.
Kate: No, I didn’t say break up. I’d get even.
[Carrie, Beth, and Heather look at her] Heather: Who are you?
Beth: I know, you’re that girl that wigged out last year and got sent to rehab!
Kate: No, I…
Beth: [interrupts] Then you got taken away from bulimia.
Kate: No.
Beth: Fat camp?
Kate: No. My name is…
Detention Teacher: [enters the library, interrupting] Hey, no talking!
Kate: My name is…
Detention Teacher: [interrupts] No talking!

Beth: For you I don’t have to give up all meat…

Beth: I was so depressed, I couldn’t even enjoy the break-up sex.
[the girls stare at Beth] Beth: Oh my god, I’m such a slut!

Carrie: It’s not that hard, uhm… when he speaks to you count to three in your head before you answer him.
Heather: Don’t show any interest. Don’t even look at him too much.
Carrie: Yeah yeah. You got it?
[long pause] Carrie: I said you got it?
Kate: I was counting to three!
Beth: Not that slowly! We don’t what him to think you’re retarded!

Heather: [Kate answers her door and it’s Heather] I want to bring down you know who.
Beth: [Kate answers her door again and it’s Beth] Normally, I’m opposed to the slaughter of animals, but in John Tucker’s case, I’ll make an exception.
Kate: [now in the house] I don’t even know him.
Beth: So, you don’t even know anyone. You’re like the Swiss, you’re neutered.
Carrie: Um, it’s neutral. Kate, if the three of us tried this alone, we would kill each other. You brought us here. You showed us that we have something in common.
Heather: Exactly. We all want to kill John Tucker.
Kate: Wow. Okay.

Carrie: [sees the entire basketball team wearing thongs] Unbelievable.
Beth: [on phone, angrily] I’d hit him with my car if he wouldn’t make body casts a fashion statement.

Beth: I can’t believe I ate meat for him. I mean, it was fish, but still. I don’t eat anything with a face.

Kate: It doesn’t work like it will stop your hormone production.
Beth: Yeah and when you run out you will grow a mustache and a penis.

Goofs & Trivia
  • The idea of John Tucker wearing a thong was not in the original script. Originally, Kate talked him into shaving his head. Betty Thomas thought making him wear a thong was funnier. While shooting, the extras were actually taking pictures of him with their phones.
  • Ashanti had four or five concerts she had to perform during the making of the film, whereas Sophia was also committed to shooting One Tree Hill
  • In the script, the school didn’t have a specific mascot. But while filming on location at an actual high school, the film adopted their mascot, the Kodiaks.
  • Coca-cola’s logo appears in almost every scene.
  • Director Betty Thomas referred to all the actors by their characters’ names, since, she claims, she couldn’t remember their real names, and she wanted to think of them as their character. When she forgot their characters’ names, she’d simply refer to them as “person”.
  • In the script, the A.V. room in which the girls concoct their plans to destroy John Tucker was referred to as “The War Room”.
  • In the script, Scott and Kate kissed at the end. However, Betty Thomas felt it wasn’t realistic and there was “too much kissing” in the film and changed the scene to a rekindling of a friendship.
  • The ending was filmed two very different ways, but it was decided to end the film on a more upbeat note. It took 12 hours to clean up the set afterwards.

The premiere of John Tucker Must Die was held on July 25 at Mann’s Grauman Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Everyone but Sophia attended the premiere, most likely because she was busy filming One Tree Hill at the time. Because of her busy schedule with the show, she wasn’t a big part of the promotion tour at all. She did however attend a photocall on July 15, where she looked beautiful. She was also featured in Movieline Magazine along with Jesse Metcalfe before the film release.

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